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Stump Removal

Our professional stump removal service takes care of any stump large or small. With our own specialized equipment and years of experience, the Rutter team can handle any stump, anywhere. We take out all surface roots too, and we always call PA One Call before digging to make sure we avoid any utility lines—at Rutter, we cut stumps, not corners.
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Brush Removal

Tired of looking at those old brush piles against the fence? Have a bunch of rotten logs or pallet skids you need hauled away? Rutter specializes in brush and debris removal services to clear out and refresh your yard. We bring our own truck and equipment. Contact us for an estimate today.

Why choose us

Removing stumps on your own can be time-consuming, expensive, and potentially dangerous. For fast, hassle-free, and cost-effective removal, call Rutter Stump Removal today. You only pay full price for the first stump!
Expert Service
Get the stumps out, once and for all, and don’t worry about the cleanup.
Only pay full price for the first stump, then half price for each stump after that.
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Year Round
Stump Removal
Josh & his team did an amazing job of removing 38 stumps from my yard! They made a huge job look easy! They were organized & very professional. Cleaned everything up as they went & even took some old logs away for me that were too heavy for me to move. I’m very pleased with the work they did & the affordable price! Thank you Josh & team for the opportunity to work with you! Highly recommended !
Mary Hampshire-Cuneo
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